This Small Life

The aim of advertising is to get us to believe we’re lacking or missing out on something.  “Life could be so much better if…”  As much as I don’t want to think I fall prey to such tactics, a little introspection might lead me to believe otherwise.  I see myself prone to living by the standard of the world around me:  that if I want it, I should have it.  I sometimes become obsessed with something I want, and can justify it so easily – even equating it with God’s desire to bless His children.  The most recent obsession has been to have a covered porch on the back of the house.  When I’m out running, I see gazebos and awnings and screened porches, and I picture how nice it would be to have something like that on my back patio.  And I can justify it, especially when I consider the way the sun heats up the kitchen in the afternoons and the way that surely runs up our electric bill!  (Of course, I don’t counter that with the roller shade we already have that completely blocks out the sun and its heat…)  Oh the things we think will make us happy – so endless!

God says this isn’t my home.  He says not to lay up treasure here, and even goes so far as to encourage us to give everything away and just pursue Him (Matthew 6:19-21, Luke 12:32-34).  I tell others that this life is but a grain of sand and eternity is like the endless beach, but do I live as though that is true?  Am I storing up treasure in that eternal place to be enjoyed forever rather than here on this earth to be enjoyed for such a short time? 

I ask You, Lord, for an eternal perspective that will shape the way I live now.  Don’t let nearsightedness blind me so that I believe the fading treasures here could ever match the endless treasures of eternity!

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One Response to This Small Life

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m so excited I get to be a part of watching you bless others with this blog FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! Melody, don’t ever doubt the light you shine for others to see. I’ve known you now for years and have heard that sentiment about your character from so many people, truly! You have always made me feel loved when I’m around you. Thank you for that. It’s my belief and have always said to my girls that the only thing anyone really ever wants in this world is to feel loved. Blessings for all your writings that you will be sharing.

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