In Luke 6:27-38 Jesus tells His listeners (and, consequently, us as well) things that we wouldn’t choose to do if not for the fact that He says so. Things like love our enemies, and do good to people who hate us; we are to pray blessings over those who are mean to us. What else? How about this one: When people ask to borrow from us, lend to them, and if they don’t give things back, don’t worry about it. And give… generously! My pastor calls this “counterintuitive”.

These things are opposite what the world teaches us. Since the Bible tells us we are strangers here on earth, it does make sense that we should be different. But why not just blend in with this world, this kingdom, like some people choose to do when they take up residence in a foreign land?

I can think of several reasons why not, one in regard to what our strange actions convey to a world looking on. When we take the last place, when we are wronged and don’t respond negatively to it, when we treat difficult people as treasures instead of striking back, and when we live in ways that are very different from this world, we send a loud message. That message is that something different is satisfying us. We don’t need fairness, wealth, or any of the usual things people pursue to seek satisfaction. We tell the world by our actions that as long as we have God, we’re fine.

This isn’t normal, and that’s the point. The things they seek to satisfy them never do. So when we tell them their dissatisfaction is because they were made for a different kind of kingdom, the truth speaking loudly by our satisfaction, then they just may be inclined to investigate. They, too, may then become children of our incredibly wonderful Father, and find the joy of living for another kingdom.

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