God’s Gifts

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…” James 1:17 (NIV). What are the good things in your life? Your friends, perhaps, or your spouse or children? A beautiful home, a scenic backyard, a job you enjoy? Whatever your list, do you realize that all of these are gifts from Father God? Let’s say you gave your son, whom you adore, an Xbox for Christmas. All of his friends had one, and now he has one too and is so happy! But what if your son wanted to spend all of his time playing Xbox, and didn’t want to spend time with you anymore? You gave him this gift because you love him and want to delight him, but you didn’t give it to him so that he would adore it and not you!

Of course we know that we should love God more than the gifts He gives, and we might try very hard to put Him in that right place. But if a gift is taken away, will we love Him then? The trouble comes because we don’t realize that everything we ever need and want is already found in our Heavenly Father. The best way to come into experiencing this is to spend time with God. Read His Word, talk to Him about it, listen to music that tells how magnificent He is and how much He loves you, look at the beauty of His creation, or anything that helps you to know Him better. What you think about God has already been formed by your upbringing, things you’ve learned, the messages that come at you day in and day out, sermons you’ve heard, etc. Your view may be right or it may be wrong or some of both. If you think of hanging out with God as a bit boring, I would say that somewhere along the way you’ve gotten a skewed image of who He is. Begin to turn toward Him and He will open your eyes to see that everything good you experience has been coming from Him because He really loves you.

Learn to love your Father and you will delight even more in the gifts He gives. And if the gift is yours no longer, you’ll still be standing strong because you will be rooted and established in God’s love (Ephesians 3:17), and you will know that you can trust Him in what He brings into and takes out of your life because He is good.

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