Loving Means Choosing

I know many young ladies who are in the process of planning their weddings. There is so much to do to create that perfect wedding, the kind they may have dreamed about since they were little girls. Hopefully all of the details won’t cause them to lose sight of the whole reason for the day — the choice to love this one other for a lifetime. The thing that makes a wedding beautiful is love. And love is a choice. It is a choice that is an easy one to make in the beginning, but one that will be challenged as time progresses. Love will be proved and deepened over time if the couple chooses to love through the difficulties of life.

Sometimes we struggle when it comes to the choice to love God. It may have been easy in the beginning, when you realized the incredible love Jesus poured out for you to save you from sin and death. But what about when the challenges of life have come? What about the daily pressures of life? Do you bring God into your plans, the One who loves you? Do you love Him back? Do you lean upon His love in the hard times, knowing that He is with you? He is committed to you no matter what — that’s what love is. Are you committed to Him in the same way? 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 gives us a picture of what real love is like: It is patient and kind, not envious of others or boastful/proud about oneself. It doesn’t dishonor those loved but rejoices in good things that happen to them and never rejoices when evil comes to them. Love isn’t self-interested, angered easily, and doesn’t keep a list of everything others do wrong. It protects those loved, continues to trust them, hope for them, persevere with them. It never stops, ever.

God is perfect, so He loves His children this way all the time. His love has already persevered through the pain. Will you persevere through the pain so that your love for Him can become strong like His love is for you? When the way is hard, will you reach out to Him in trust, knowing that He is loving you through it? Difficulties will tug at your heart to turn you away from loving and trusting God, but the one who perseveres in that love finds treasure on the other side. There is nothing more wonderful than living in His love. God’s love is a beautiful thing.

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