I Don’t Read “God Girl” Posts

You may have read one of my posts because it was on a friend’s page, but you decided that blogs about God aren’t your thing, so you’ve never clicked again. Would you give me a minute? It really is worth your time.

If someone was doing some underhanded things that affected your life, you’d want to know. Believe me, someone is, and I want you to know it. Let me give you some evidence that this is true. Think back to the last time you thought about the possibility of the existence of God. Maybe you were at a funeral, or you looked at the world around you and thought this couldn’t have “just happened”. Sometimes thoughts about God have popped up at the strangest times, but there it was again and you were pondering it. Your thoughts might have moved you enough to consider looking into it, or perhaps you quickly dismissed it and went on your way. But here you are today, and you really are at the same place you were when those thoughts came your way. That’s the plan. That’s exactly where someone wants you to stay. Let me show you how I know this.

Jesus told a parable (story) about a farmer out sowing seeds, and He compared that to someone telling people the truth about God. He said that some seeds landed on the path, and the birds came and ate them up. Jesus explained that these seeds are the truth of God’s plan that people hear (or, I would add, thoughts that God plants in people’s minds about the fact that there might actually be a God with a plan) but don’t understand yet. Jesus said the evil one, like birds who snatch up the seeds, comes to take away these seeds of truth so that the truth won’t ever have a chance to be understood (you can read this story in Matthew 13). The evil one Jesus is talking about (the devil, Satan) has a plan. He wants to remove the seeds of truth so that they won’t grow (you won’t think any more about what you’ve thought or heard).

In 2 Corinthians 4, Paul, a leader in the early Christian movement, said that “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers” to keep them from seeing God’s plan to save them. There is an invisible war going on, a spiritual war, and it is what everything is all about. You are on one side or the other, there is not a “no man’s land”. You may know the story of Adam and Eve, how Eve was deceived by Satan to mistrust God, which resulted in sin entering the human race. God made a way for us to come back to Him, and He keeps bringing thoughts of Him to our minds to urge us to know His plan and come back to Him. Where you will spend eternity depends on it! Until you choose God, you have chosen to remain poisoned by sin and you are in the enemy’s camp. God has a plan, too, and all He requires of you is to believe in His plan and trust Him with your life. You don’t have to do some things first, clean up some things… nothing! He does the work of rescuing you from sin, you just come. His plan in a nutshell can be found in John 3:16-18. To more clearly understand God’s plan, read all of John (the fourth book in the New Testament).

Feeling stirred… again? Don’t let the enemy steal away the seeds of truth. The door of opportunity closes at death, the day of which none of us knows. Take this seriously, search out the truth, and bring your doubts to God. He loves you, He wants to save you, and He will meet you.

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