Father God Hears You!

Meririam-Webster’s Dictionary defines an epiphany as “an intuitive grasp of reality through something usually simple and striking”. I experienced an epiphany last night. Driving down the road on my way home after a late meeting, my stomach started talking. Thoughts of things to pacify my hunger immediately came to mind. But just as quickly, other thoughts came into my mind to remind me that eating late isn’t a good choice. That may not seem like a big deal, but it was profound because of something else I remembered. Having put on a few extra pounds recently, I decided I wanted to get them off. I know that when I’m careful in my food choices, the weight comes off. But with lots of tempting, not so good choices around, it can be a battle. So I asked God for help. Last night I suddenly realized that those invading thoughts were Him! I had asked for His help, and He was giving it!

I believe God answers prayer, and I have given nod to the fact that God hears everything we pray. But until last night my life wasn’t really lining up with that belief. I could pray things like, “Father help me to make good food choices”, but then I never really expected Him to answer. Until last night. This changes everything.

In Matthew 7:7-11 Jesus tells us that if we ask Father for something, He will give it. If we seek something, He will let us find it. And if we knock to enter, He will open the door. That is the kind of Father He is! Why do we think He is disinterested? Psalm 116:1-2 says, “I love the LORD because He hears my voice and my supplications. Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I shall call upon Him as long as I live” (NASB). We are His beloved children! A father who really loves his child listens to his child’s requests, wants to meet his needs and delight him with gifts. Our Father God loves us even more than a great earthly father, so He hears us, He answers, and He blesses us.

Of course there may be a good reason why God is not giving you something. James 4:2-3 tells us that sometimes we don’t get answers simply because we haven’t asked! Or our motives may be wrong. If you’re not sure if your motives are wrong, well, you know the One to ask.

If you are God’s child, do you know how incredibly loved you are? You can climb up into the lap of the King of the Universe and He will listen to you! He is your Father! He will not turn you away.

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