The Pain of Repair

It is time for us to get the timing belt changed out on our car.  It’s expensive because the belt is buried beneath other components of the engine, so getting to it is a good part of the cost of replacement.

What a picture this is of how God works with us.  Perhaps we only need “preventative maintenance”, like my car, or maybe something is broken.  In order to get to what needs to be addressed, God deals first with other things that are blocking the way.  It can be costly and is sometimes painful.  It may even sideline us for a while.  But it is worth what we have to go through because He is preventing destruction or restoring life to us.

We are not like a car where fixing things is done by following a pattern; His work in you may look a lot different than what He is doing in someone else.  Each one of us is a unique creation of God, so the route to prevention or restoration cannot be mapped.  It may be difficult to understand what God is getting at when things happen in our lives, but we can rest in the assurance that we are in the hands of our Master Creator.  He alone knows how to get us “running” perfectly.  He wants us to be at peace because we know He is the Master Mechanic.

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