Stuck on My Way

“If it ain’t country, it ain’t music.” That’s what the bumper sticker said. Now I doubt that the person who put that on his bumper was willing to die for that statement, but it does make one think of the many things that we hold to and act like are worth dying for; things that I espouse that are different from things you espouse.

Why is it that we feel our way is the right way? Friendships end over such things, marriages shipwreck, fights start, and all kinds of bad comes from holding out on “my way”. I can just see the proponents of diversity high-fiving me on this… but not so fast. The diversity many profess to believe in is what I would call a diversity without rules. Not all diversity is okay, the Bible is clear on that. There are rules to follow regarding what is right and wrong and the way in which we are to treat others. If my opinion breaks those rules, then my opinion has to go.

But diversity was God’s idea in the first place. Look at all of the different skin colors and personalities and food likings and favorite things and things we don’t like… the list goes on. God made us different, and it is good. Can you imagine a world in which everyone was exactly like you? Think of all the things that would not get done because there was no one who wanted to pursue such things. This computer I type on is a good example. I didn’t put the thing together and I have no desire to do so, but I sure enjoy the benefits of it, made possible by those who do like such things.

So hey buddy, enjoy your country music. I’m good with that. But I’m different, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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2 Responses to Stuck on My Way

  1. joan says:

    amazing!! exactly what God has been saying to me! thank you!!

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