Music to My Ears, But Not Necessarily to My Head

Wherever you go you will likely hear a song playing somewhere. There’s background music in the restaurant, the booming beat of the car sitting next to you at the traffic light, melodies being sung in a church on Sunday, someone humming as they pass you on the sidewalk. Music is everywhere, people love it.

The words of a song aren’t necessarily truth, however. Songs present viewpoints — even Christian songs. I am not trying to cast a shadow on music because it is a wonderful gift in a chaotic world, but we must make sure we have a truth grid through which we process everything that comes to us, including music. The source of truth is the Bible.

Reading the Bible is required if we would know what it says, yet many believers are deficient here. It is often treated as an optional activity. But if you don’t know the truth, then how will you know if what you are hearing or seeing is right? You may not latch onto the words of a silly song as truth, but you may take that Christian song as truth and it may not be. You could end up going down a path that is not God’s way at all.

There is only one way to know the truth, and that is to learn it. Then when you hear a song or a sermon, or see an advertisement or read an article, you will have the right grid through which to know if it is truth or not. You’ve probably listened to some music today, but have you taken in some truth? Only by the measure of truth will you know whether the music in your ears is fit for your head.

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