Is God Out to Get You?

Do you live with a constant gnawing that God is just waiting to take away anything good that He brings to you? Until recently, I didn’t realize that I was living under that fear. I knew in my head that when God takes something away or brings something hard into my life, that it is because He is loving me into life – but I was not able to live in the moment and enjoy today because of worry about what might be next. As much as I knew I could trust His plan, I was also afraid of it.

I imagine a little girl, surrounded by the blessings of her parents’ love but never able to enjoy those blessings because she is always expecting her parents to discipline her. Of course her parents will discipline her if she needs it, but that is not to concern her, she should just be enjoying their love.

If you have struggled as I have, join me in seeking to live in God’s love:

Father, let me be like Paul who said that he had learned how to be content with plenty and with lack; he was content no matter his circumstances. Father, You may give and You may take away. You may take me on a beautiful path or a very dark one. I don’t want my trust and contentment to rest on whether or not my circumstances are good or bad, easy or hard. And I don’t want to live my life in the constant fear that You may strike me at any moment. Oh Lord, let me live in the joy of today. Let me be content in the moment, no matter what that moment carries. You are my God, and You love me! Everything You do in my life is good – always! Let me just walk with You as Your child. Let me leave the cares of where we’re going and what comes along the way to You. I want to be a trusting child, Lord.

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