Every Part Matters

If you’ve done any reading on what happens when you begin to exercise muscles that you haven’t worked on for a while, you are probably aware that expanding your muscles really means creating little tears in them that, when healed, result in bigger, stronger muscles. But the tearing hurts, and that’s what causes the soreness you feel after working out some underworked muscles. The soreness is usually a pleasant feeling in the sense that you know you’ve really worked on something.

Recently, however, I inadvertently worked a little muscle that I found has a big voice of pain (not a little pleasant ouch). Wanting to bless my hard-working husband, I decided to get out his ladder and take down some Christmas lights. Moving a ladder that is about 3 times my height proved to be a formidable task and gave me a new appreciation for the summer painting my husband does. The lights were removed without incident, or so I thought. But there was this little muscle in my back that had been doing its job supporting my body quite nicely. However, when I moved that ladder around, that little muscle was called upon to work harder than it normally needs to, and I had not adequately prepared it for the task. The next day it complained… loudly.

That little, seemingly insignificant muscle has been a source of terrible pain, and has limited my ability to move and live life as I normally do. My doctor assures me it will heal, but the journey has not been a pleasant one.

God tells us that every part of the church, the body of Christ, is necessary. There are many in the body whose tasks run in the background, or who may feel that what they do isn’t really needed. A little muscle in my back reminds me that every part is significant. That muscle has been doing its job every day, unknown to me. But when it was called upon to work in a way for which it wasn’t prepared, I suddenly realized not only that it is there, but that it has an important function in my body. And the pain that it has experienced has affected my entire body.

I see two lessons in this. First, each of God’s children has a function in the body of Christ (read about it here). What is your part? If you don’t know, ask God to show you. Second, we need to be building ourselves up for our tasks. Are you learning from the Word regularly? Are you growing in your faith?

You have a task ordained for you from God, and He has given that task to you only, so you are a necessary part of His body, the church. Step up today and live your part so that the body of Christ may function as God intends.

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One Response to Every Part Matters

  1. Merlin says:

    Great analogy and message!

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