I Got No Time for That!

Lord, My plate is full today. There are bills to pay, taxes to work on, cleaning to do… and that along with things like making meals and doing laundry. And since I stayed up later than usual last night (squeezing out every drop of Friday night freedom I possibly could), I got up a little later this morning. And, well, Saturdays are tough anyway because I am not in my routine. I usually have breakfast, then time set aside with You, then exercise, shower, and then I fly into my activities for the day, and it’s easy because it’s habit. But it’s late today, Lord, and the morning has flown by and it’s already lunch time, and I haven’t had time to sit down with You yet. If I do that now, how will I get everything else done?

Then that still, small Voice, “I’m what puts the rest of your day in order.” So I listen to that Voice, and I open my Bible on my lunch table, nourishing my soul along with my body. And He meets me, and He blesses me, and I know that nothing else matters except getting my soul aligned with my Maker. And suddenly I realize that my perspective has changed. My day is no longer a list of things I have to do, but a path I get to take with my Lord who will, through these things, make eternal deposits in my soul.

Thanks, Lord, for having the last word. Thanks for the way You always lead me to life.

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