Don’t Need God? Think Again.

God may be good for some, but you don’t need Him. You do just fine on your own, thank you very much. As much as you may believe that, you’re wrong. Look around you. Everything you see was made by God — everything. Now granted, the earth has been corrupted by sin, but everything good in your life is from God. That’s what God has told us. Not only that, but the only reason it all keeps on going is because God is holding it together. And it all belongs to Him, too.

So, yeah, you need God. But do you want Him? That’s a decision He, incredibly, leaves up to you. Right now you are living in His blessings, but a day will come when He won’t make you do that any longer. If you don’t choose Him, then He will let you have your way and will remove Himself and all that belongs to Him from you. I cannot even imagine how horrible that will be.

If you knew what you were missing, I know you would want Him. God’s plan has always been to undo what sin has done to destroy good, and those who choose God will realize this fully when they die and enter His presence. In the meantime, He walks with those who choose Him, making good of the bad in this life. It’s a hard journey with or without God, but a peaceful one when you know He has it completely in control and works everything for good for those who love Him.

You need Him, but will you choose Him? It’s as simple as recognizing and then telling Him that you need Him and want Him to take care of your sin and to lead you into life. If you want to know more, read the gospel of John in the Bible — here’s a link to chapter 1. I send this with a prayer that you will choose Him.

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