The Word of God is an inexhaustible treasure. The more I walk through life the more I experience the incredible value of God’s Word in leading me on my journey. I’ve been keeping a journal of the treasures God has taught me for about 20 years now. It is exciting to be able to share my past adventures and the ones that continue to come my way with others, in hopes of helping them along on their journey of faith.

I live in the great state of Indiana and am married to a wonderful man named Jim. I have four irreplaceable children and a sweet daughter-in-law. What I love to do most is… write (well, duh).

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  1. Robin Hammond says:

    Hey, girl I think I found you, I think? HaaHaaHaa. Actually, I lost your email address. I’d like to connect. Sorry, I haven’t been a good friend and stay in better contact. I am ashamed. Many things have happened, some pretty rough. So goes the christian journey. . . . Let’s connect, okay? Your former roomy.

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